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Sports for life began in mid 2018 after realising that we had a lot more girls attending

read for life.

Many boys in high school in particular do not see the importance of reading or of getting an education.

So we decided to start sports for life—as a way to connect more boys, and to also encourage them on the importance of education.

Any boys from Katanga 10 and over are eligible to come to Sports for Life but they must also attend Read for Life regularly to keep their spot on the team.

They meet Saturday mornings for those who can attend—then they all go to Read for Life together and do more sport when its finished.

The team is also there on the field in Katanga on Sunday afternoon for those boys who may be free.

Not only is it about sport, and read for life but about teaching life skills and what it means to have a good character alongside sport.


The program now has a football team, with a professional coach, that now plays against other teams throughout Kampala. 

The Mbuyu Football team are doing amazing! 

At the start of 2019 we added an indoor sport - with the beginning of our chess club ( open to boys and girls). 

We hope in mid 2019 to kick off a Girls Netball team. 

If you have a passion for sport and know the benefit it brings to the lives of young people, in many ways, why not think about supporting this program today. 

For more details contact us below. 

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