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The Mbuyu Foundation was started by Dr Roberts & Leah Makanda. 

They were officially registered as a government approved charity and NGO in Uganda in 2016. 

The Mbuyu Foundation was birthed out of their deep love for the people of Uganda, a deep love for God and desire to see every person have the opportunity to be able to live a life of freedom and dignity, where they are able to work, earn and care for their family. 


Our desire is to pursue justice for all people, through empowering men, women and children in all areas through skills training and health care, with our main focus being maternal health and child welfare. 

We desire so much, for Uganda to be known again as the Pearl of Africa by people all over the world - and celebrated for its beauty, uniqueness and rich culture - not for the negative things. 



To provide maternal health education (prenatal, antenatal, child birth, postpartum care for babies - including NICU(Neonatal Intensive care Units) and premmie care) and free medical services (restorative surgeries for post pregnancy complications) and to advocate to the government and other stakeholders for improved maternal and child services.

To provide services ( sponsorship, education, skills training etc) that ensure families can have the means they need to keep and raise their own children ( or extended kin)where there is still abandoned children or orphans, to provide a home for babies and children deprived of parental love, and to try and reunite them with extended kin, or a forever family, whether through fostering or adoption, and to help to provide for their future. 

To provide projects that equip and empower men and women, to have the skills and abilities to be able to care and support their own families. 

To provide support and education to couples, parents and families on doing family 'Gods way'.


To help people see God's Kingdom come and His will done on earth as it is in Heaven! 



Transformed lives; poverty to hope, sickness to health, lost to found. Heaven on earth.​



To significantly reduce maternal deaths, and every woman experiencing a safe and dignified maternal journey.  

To transform slums, into thriving, healthy, clean, safe communities

​To empower families to be able to earn their own living and provide basic needs (food,education etc) for their own children, which will result in a reduction in the number of abandoned children, and the reduction in those living in poverty.

To significantly improve the literacy rate for adults and children, and develop a reading culture. 

To advocate and work towards accessibility of quality healthcare.

To strengthen marriages and family structures, providing children with a safe, loving and stable environment.

​To show people that there is a God who loves them, that they are not alone, and for them to experience a transformed life through a relationship with Him.




The baobab tree Is only found in Africa and Australia. It is known as the TREE OF LIFE due to the fact that water can be stored in its trunk, and every part of the tree has value. Its leaves have medicinal values and its fruit, is seen as a super food. It creates great shade and has strong roots.

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We have a talented team who work closely with our community on a day to day basis. Everyone has a huge role in making our community feel like a family. 

We have the best team in the world 



It takes a village to raise a child, but the dream started somewhere.

Get to know The Mbuyu Foundation founders & their family.

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