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We have the best team in the world - read below to see their role in the Mbuyu family - and if you head over to our blog you can learn more about their individual stories in our blog series.

All of our team, including our Directors call Uganda home.  


Mbuyu Director and Co-Founder

( treasurer, visionary, project overseer ) 


While Rob & Leah make decisions together - Leah handles the day to day running of the Foundation, she oversees the projects, the funding, the administration etc. Fundraisers etc. 

Anything that's to do with the Mbuyu Projects and future plans comes under Leah.  



Medical & Business Director & Co-Founder


Dr Rob runs, and oversees all the Mbuyu medical projects. Any of the medical camps, medical care for workers, students, mbuyu families comes under him.

He also oversees any of the Mbuyu Businesses that help to keep the foundation running.



Projects Manager & Read for Life 


Juliet has been with the Mbuyu Foundation almost from the start. 

She's a qualified social worker and is passionate about seeing children reach their potential. 

Especially as she is where she is today - through the help of Australian sponsors! 

Juliet is our Read for Life co-ordinator and also our Projects Manager.

We would not be where we are today without Juliets hardwork and commitment. 

Skills for Life Co-ordinator 


 Mary joined our team in March 2018 when the need arose for a Skills training co-ordinator. 

She is exceptionally gifted in her role in teaching the mothers/fathers who come for skills training. 

She also volunteers in our reading program and has a passion for children knowing about God and growing and developing.

Sports for Life Co-ordinator & 

Read for life Teacher

Jonah is a qualified teacher. He joined the Read for Life program about 6 months after it started. 

He looks after any special needs students we may have come along. 

In mid 2018 he took on the responsibility of the Sports for Life program, so co-ordinates all the coaches, trainers and players in that busy program. 

Adult Literacy Co-ordinator &

Office Administrator

Racheal joined our team first in early 2018 as a teacher at our adult literacy - before too long she was made the co-ordinator of Adult literacy. She is great with people, patient and understanding and her students love her. 

She came on as our office administrator in late 2018 and helps to keep Leah sane by assisting in all the admin and updates for Mbuyu.  



Study Club Co-ordinator & adult literacy teacher​

Joshua grew up with Rob, so he's been a great friend for a long time. Josh is passionate about helping others to reach their potential - no matter what their background may be. 

Josh co-ordinates our nightly study club for students in the slums, where he tutors students and helps them reach their potential. 

He also assists us by teaching night classes for adult literacy. 

Read for life Teacher

Moses is a social worker at The Salvos home for disabled children.  And is one of the original minds behind the Read for Life program. 

His passion for his students (& all the children he works with) - and his desire to see them reach their potential is contagious!

Read for Life Teacher


Samantha joined our team in early 2018, first as a volunteer and now as a Read for Life teacher. 

Samantha is a qualified social worker and a business women who is incredibly bright and a lot of fun. 

She is passionate about seeing kids break the poverty cycle. 

Read for Life Teacher

Lillian joined the Read for Life team in the second half of 2018. 

She is a qualified social worker and passionate about helping men, women and children change their futures. 

She is a willing helper in every area of the program and quick to share her big smile with the children and make them feel welcomed. 

Read for Life Teacher

Nuruh is a qualified primary teacher and joined the Read for Life program not long after it started. 

She has a very special way with the children - especially the youngest ones. 

They enjoy lots of singing and rhymes in her class.  

Mbuyu Creche & Adult Literacy Teacher 


Fedreis joined our team in 2018 when we saw the need to have a creche during our Read for Life and our skills training. 

Fedreis is a qualified nursery teacher and loves caring for the babies and toddlers. 

They enjoy her singing and dancing and reading together.

Sports Trainer & Street Kid worker

Derrick joined our team in early 2018, first as a general volunteer and now on team with our Sports for Life. He also helps to co-ordinate any work we do with the street kids. 

Derrick has an incredible story and is passionate about helping kids get out of poverty, as he himself spent years on the street.


Derrick is currently studying Journalism. He brings lots of laughter to our family. 

Sports Coach & Study Club Teacher

Joseph joined our team in mid 2018, when he came on board as a volunteer with our sports program and as a teacher for our study club. 


Joseph is currently studying business at University  


Joseph is passionate about helping the young people to reach their full potential and to discover dreams for their future. 

Mbuyu Football Club COACH (Sports for life)

Bismarck joined our team at the end of 2018 and has been an amazing asset to the team. 

Bismarck is from Nigeria originally. 


Bismarck is a professional football player by profession and brings all those amazing skills to his role as Sports for life Coach for our MFC team ( Mbuyu Football Club) 

He is passionate about seeing the young men he works with grow up to reach their dreams, but also to be good, respectful citizens of Uganda. 

Jewellery & Accessories teacher

Lovely Lillian joined our team in July 2018 as the Jewellery and accessories teacher for our Skills for Life program. 

Lillian studied sewing and design but found her real passion in making beautiful pieces of jewellery. 

She has a deep love for God and seeing people reach their potential. 

Sewing and Design Teacher

The beautiful Elizabeth joined our team in July 2018 as our Sewing and design teacher. Is is studied sewing and design and also has her own store where she makes and sells her beautiful clothes. 


She is extremely talented and also a wonderful teacher and is a great asset to our family. 

Catering and Food management teacher

Harriet joined our team in September 2018 as our catering teacher. She's a great cook and great at managing and caring for her students. 

She's passionate about helping her students to learn so they can get out of poverty. 

Harriet is a single mum to two gorgeous girls. 

Mbuyu Cook 


Afswa joined our team in 2018 when we were in need of a cook.

She is our wonderful cook for the Read for Life kids & skills training attendants & creche babies. 

Her joy and that beautiful smile light up the room. 

She has a deep love for God and others.  

She is single mum to 4 beautiful boys. 

Mbuyu Cleaner

Lubega joined our family in April , 2019 

He has come on board as our Mbuyu Cleaner. 

He does a great job of keeping our Life Centre and office clean and is becoming a great part of our team family. 

He is a father to 2 children and is determined to give them a bright future. 

Read for Life Registration

Lillian joined the Mbuyu Family as a volunteer in mid 2018. 

Lillian is a qualified social worker and has a deep love for children. 

She currently runs our registration tables at read for life and helps wherever is needed at the program. 

Her smile lights up the place