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Name of story teller: Serubiri Denis

Date: 20 November 2019

Gender: Male

Age: 18 years

My future is now bright ever since I got sponsored by the Mbuyu foundation in the Sponsorship for Life program, which took place in October 2019. I have access to better education services. Not only that but also I get counseling whenever I have any challenges at home and in my life. The mentoring and counseling I receive through Sponsorship for life has really empowered me.

Before getting a sponsor to pay school fees, I thought I could only stop in senior four and then drop out of school and start hustling looking for jobs to do. My mother could tell me how she didn’t have enough money to sustain my education since I have many other siblings who also needed to get some education.

I had lost hope of becoming a surgeon, which is my dream. When I was told that I had gotten a sponsor, I was super excited and what run through my mind was,” Denis, you will now complete your studies, you have a chance.”

That day, when I found out, I thought I was day dreaming, but I wasn’t. It was true. I later joined one of the best schools in Uganda where now my school fees and other requirements are always paid on time!

That’s a privilege any other child would wish to have. I prioritize education because, I know there is someone who loves, supports and cares for me by paying my school fees. And I believe my dream of becoming a surgeon will come to fulfillment.

If this change hadn’t come in my life, I would be hustling to get school fees since my mother could not afford taking me to school with good standards of education and I would still be in poor education like I was in before.. I would have remained with the perspective of dropping out of school and then started planning to go to Middle East countries to look for a job to do in order to earn a living and support my family.

I believe my story is significant as it will give hope to the hopeless just like me; I had no hopes of achieving my desired dream. But my hope was restored through the Mbuyu Foundation’s Sponsorship for life program and through Read for Life, which I also attend on the weekends and midweek evenings which has greatly helped me better my reading and writing abilities.

I love the support I receive from the foundation but also from my sponsors through the letters she writes to me. Finally, in this world, never lose hope. Before I got a sponsor,or before I came to The Mbuyu foundation…..I had lost hope.

And when I first came some of my friends were getting sponsors before me and some of my others friends left because they were only waiting for the sponsorship. They missed out, they didn’t learn patience, nor learn from the other programs The Mbuyu Foundation runs.

I feel sad for them. I am proud that I didn’t allow them to discourage me or allow myself to follow their belief that education isn’t important. I’m glad that my persistence has been rewarded.

God has indeed blessed me through the LIFE programs of The Mbuyu Foundation and through the relationship I have with my sponsors.

I'm thankful that God saw my hopeless state and has bought me hope through sponsorship and The Mbuyu Foundation.

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