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Update on Covid crisis in Uganda

Well it is now almost ..... weeks since Uganda first went on tight restrictions, then into full lockdown.

Over the past few weeks, a few restrictions have been relaxed, with some public transport allowed now ( although you pay three times the price!) and some work offices opening.

But overall the majority of the restrictions and lockdown remain.

This includes, the airport, schools, churches and NGO work like ours remaining closed.

At this stage there is no direct talk on when they will resume, many rumours are saying they may not return till late this year if this year at all. But only time will tell.

Thankfully our staff are allowed back into the office now a few times a week, even though we can't run our programs we are now able to have families drop into the facility to collect food etc.

The situation in Uganda is very serious right now, and will be for a long time. While the number of covid cases and deaths is minimal compared to other places around the world, people are starving and struggling to feed their families.

The majority of Ugandans, and all of the families connected with Mbuyu work each day and make just enough to provide food for that day. They literally live day to day.

With barely anyone around on the streets and with the restrictions remaining - people are not able to feed their family. And on top of that, food prices and transport prices have increased 3 fold - meaning what they do have, does not go as far anymore.

This has seen people having to reduce how often they eat - for many now only eating once or twice a day - but some only every second day. Or they have to go without medication now when sick because there is just nothing to spare.

The current rate of malnutrition in the slums is increasing - particularly in relation to under 5 year olds. And this has long lasting developmental affects on those who are suffering.

We are endeavoring to increase the aid we are giving to those throughout the slums who are starving.

You can help us - a little goes a long way!

We ask you to 1 - pray for us and 2 - share what is going on and 3 - if you can make a donation towards the covid crisis - 100% of what we raise for the covid crisis will go straight to buying food for those in need.

You can either give through our normal bank account, through our DONATE button on our WEBSITE or if you wish to receive a tax deductible receipt donate through the anglican aid website below

We know times are hard for everyone now - but lets not forget to help those who have no hope in these times.


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