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Food Relief - Covid Lockdown 2021

This week once again saw us endeavoring to deliver food relief to as many people as we were able to.

In all honesty the current situation in Uganda is tragic. People are starving in lockdown, other parts of countries facing famine and meanwhile other parts of the country are having large portions of fresh food go to waste, as no trucks are able to deliver food to the markets.

So people starve inside their homes, while countless people cannot sell their fresh food products, and hence the food just rots in the garden.

It just doesn't make sense, and our hearts break at the injustice of it all.

While handing out food a few days ago, we had many people from the community just turn up, desperate for food relief. Praise God we were able to extend our food relief to include those who just turned up.

We are so grateful for the support that people are giving us to enable the work we are doing.

We had the opportunity to ask some of those who received help, what they wished to say to help people understand what the current situation is like for them. All of them only found out that morning to come to the facility to receive food ( or they just turned up when they heard food was being handed out)

Below you will read some of their testimonies (from just a few of them who received help, and see just a few of their faces in the photos) their own words..... we pray that they will speak to you and challenge you and inspire you to share with others the work we are trying to do to aid these people during this time.

My name is Nakangu Juliet, Am very pleased for this food support during this trying time, Indeed this is a miracle! l have 6 children but the situation towards getting something to eat has been a problem, l have been going to the market nearby and getting the damaged foods which they have thrown away like tomatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes so that l can feed my children.

l know this food support is going to take me for some good days, Thank you so much the Directors of The Mbuyu Foundation for thinking about us. And for those who help them and God bless You

My name is Kemigish Rose. Am 53 years old, l stay with my 7 grandchildren, l have been struggling with what to feed them.

I am very very happy for this food support. Life is very hard in this lockdown. People are dying not just because of covid_19 but because of hunger, they don't have anything to eat. Thanks to The Mbuyu Foundation. We are so grateful

My name is Kuteesa Lydia.

Thank you so much the Mbuyu Foundation for thinking about us the people of Katanga. Am very glad for this food support during this hard time. The situation here is not good at all, many people are struggling to get what to eat but there is no way.

This food support is going to push me for some days. '' Oh my goodness'' by the time l received your call to come at the facility l was only thinking we had nothing to eat today and I had no idea where we'd get what to eat! JUST KNOW I AM THE HAPPIEST! Thank you God, God Bless The Mbuyu Foundation.

My name is Nalubega Ruth, since the country was put on lockdown

I have been living a miserable life together with my 4 children, sometimes we eat, somedays we don't.

Am very happy for this food support, l feel loved, thank you so much The Directors of the Mbuyu Foundation. I used to sell porridge so that l can get a living but l have no customers, people have no money..... without this food we would not eat.

Katende Hamidu. As a dad, I have been experiencing alot of challenges to provide food for my family. I used to sell secondhand jackets and clothes on the street to sustain my family. The lockdown and strict curfew rules which restricted traders from accessing town and arcades left me wondering how I could get money to buy food for my family. This food relief is a big miracle to me and my family because am now relieved my children will have what to eat. God bless the mbuyu foundation.

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