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Name of story teller; Nabawanda Felister. Age; 56 years

At 56 year I could not imagine myself reaching my dream job of making beautiful necklaces, earrings, bungles and many other jewelries. Mbuyu Foundation has brought a lot of changes in my life for instance through the jewelry making.

I started skills training with the mbuyu foundation last year and these past few months they have taught us now how to sell them and I have started selling my own.

I have been able to meet my basic household needs and medical bills which I could not afford in the past.

Unlike in the past where I used to sell clothes in Owino market, the beading skill has greatly changed my life and my income has increased and I have got so many orders at the moment from my customers.

Through the counseling and morning devotions, I have been able to grow spiritually compared to the past whereby I used not to pray and could just sit at home but Mbuyu Foundation has transformed my life and I am really thankful to God and Mbuyu Foundation.

Furthermore, my character has also changed a lot because I can be able to associate with fellow people and women in Katanga and inspire them to work.

If the organization had not come to Katanga, my life would really be terrible because I used to sell second hands clothes and sometimes I would spend two days without selling clothes since there were a lot of competitors in the market. I could not afford household needs. Prior to that, my spiritual life would be a mess because I used not to pray and had no peace.

I believe my story will be important because it can encourage people out there that no matter what you go through do not lose hope and also encourages people to engage in skills no matter their age .

Long live Mbuyu Foundation.

God bless you

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