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Mbuyu Monday - Who are we? Lillian's Story

Lillian sporting her handmade, own designed earrings

My name is Katuutu Lillian

I was born in 1990 in a family of 8 children and am the 5th born.

Growing up in those early years, life was easy.

My parents loved us so much and they catered for everything a child needed to be happy.

But sadly as time went by and as I was approaching the age of 6, death came to our house, and I lost my dad.

That's when my life changed from an easy one to an extremely hard one.

Since we were 8 children, my mum couldn't afford to support us all at once, so there reached a time when she had to take me to extended family in the village, where I would experience hell.

Due to a lot of torture, rape, being denied food, and most of the time being beaten upon.

For many years.

Lillian's Designs

When I finished primary 7, one of my other Aunties came to the village and saw what was happening to me, she went and informed my mother and my mum came for me immediately.

She knew she didn't have enough money to sustain us all but couldn't leave me there, so trusted God to provide.

Somehow through the highs and lows of the following years, we were always able to manage for me to attend school and I was able to complete my schooling.

I then was able to go on and finish campus with diploma in fashion and design.

While most go into sewing and design more.

I found out I was really good at making jewellery. And found a passion for designing and making and selling it.

That's how I came to The Mbuyu Foundation.

My friend had just been given the position of the sewing and design teacher and informed me they were looking for a jewellery and accessories teacher.

Lillian teaching her class

I am happy to be a part of The Mbuyu Family and love my class of men and women and sharing my passion with them and seeing them learn a skill that will help them to keep their children safe and educated and provide themselves with a better future.

Necklace made by Lillans skills class at Mbuyu

Lillians Skills class hard at work

Its not just jewellery - but accessories too

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