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We currently run a medical fund which provides support on an individual needs basis. ​

Its incredibly common in Uganda for people to die prematurely or continue suffering from curable conditions - purely because they do not have the means necessary to pay for the appropriate medical care. 


Our desire - when able - is to alleviate some of that suffering by covering medical costs for people in desperate need. 

Money raised over time goes towards helping to fund any number of medical care needs. 

Then when we hear of a need - we do our part in paying the medical expenses. 

We have paid for medicine for sick children, paid for an operation on a young girls throat, we have paid for treatment for disabled children and paid for new prosthetic limbs, we are currently paying for palletive care for a woman in her final stages of her fight against cervical cancer. 

Many times we provide funding and treatment for wound care and surgical care for boys living on the streets.


If you'd like to know more about how you can join and support our medical fund - follow the link AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE and get in contact with us. 

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