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We run a study and tutoring program for students from Primary 4 to the end of highschool. 

The classes run from 5-7pm Monday—Thursday in our Life Centre in Katanga.

For the majority of students living in Katanga - they live in one room with their parents and often many siblings, usually without electricity. 

So having a space where they can quietly do their homework and also have help available if needed is a big gift to them. 

Students can come along and bring their own homework and use the desks, electricity and dictionaries.

We have two teachers who tutor and run classes on particular subjects according to the students that are there and the areas they need tutoring in.

They are also available to help or guide students who may just wish to sit and do their assignments or homework. 

Alongside of the dictionaries we try to keep a good stock of various textbooks students can use at the facility. 

We have anywhere from 20-40 students per session​

To sponsor this program contact us below


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