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I'm no longer lonely

NAME OF STORY TELLER: Kengonzi Beatrice

Age: 27 years

Title of story: I’m no longer alone


“My name is Kengonzi Beatrice; I am 27 years old, single mother with 3 kids, two girls and a son.

I thank God for The Mbuyu Foundation, it has helped me so much and since I joined this organization my life and family have completely changed. I can now say that I have a family and support system I can access when I need help.

When I got married at the age of 22, I was happily living with my husband in Katanga slum and life was so good then. All tragedy came after giving birth to our second child Gift who had a deformity with her legs as she was unable to walk as compared to children of her age who were already walking at that time.

After realizing that baby Gift could not walk at her age, my husband decided to forsake us and he left me in a one roomed house alone with the kids without any help in terms of basic needs and house rent. I started struggling with life and things were not easy, God forbid, I even thought of abandoning my own children in the room I was renting. Because watching them suffer was terrible.

📷I thank God for connecting me to The Mbuyu Foundation. Since I joined this organization it has completely changed my family physically, spiritually, hygienically and economically.

I feel at home. Indeed, God connected me to another family.

When teacher Leah happened to be walking past my house last year and invited me to come along and said they wanted to help – it was a turning point in my life.

Her visit was indeed orchestrated by God.

Since then, my life has been transformed through the love, care and support she has been giving my family.

In October I went on to join the Adult Literacy classes – which is now helping me to be able to read and write, I look forward to the time when I will be able to help my 6 year old son with his homework.

One of the exciting things the foundation has given us has been the care Gift has received, while I am at The Mbuyu Life programs, Gift is looked after in the crèche, she is fed and is now no longer suffering from malnutrition. Dr Rob showed the teachers exercises to do with Gift to help her develop her muscles and in November she started taking steps all on her own and I believe slowly by slowly, she will make it.

She can now socialize with other kids both at home and at the foundation something she could not do before we joined the programs at the foundation.

The greatest gift is that I do not feel alone anymore in this world”

Long live The Mbuyu Foundation.”

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