MBUYU MONDAY - Who are we? Derrick's Story

I was born in a small village, and in a family full of challenges . First my dad had a number of wives and he would mistreat his wives .

At a very young age I would start to see my mom being beat up every day and night, but she stayed strong just to raise us .

We lived a simple life really until our mom realized that the beatings are too much and she made the decision to leave our fathers home . My mom had six children and I was the only boy.

My four elder sisters where not staying with us.

So it was me and our youngest sister in this home.

My life changed forever when my mom left the house and moved to the city with my young sister leaving me behind with my father.

Just a few days after my mom left the house, a new wife was brought in by my father.

She was harsh and rude and she would beat me up all the time and would give me very heavy work . She would make me work in the garden and stopped me from going to school .

The hardest thing of all was that

at times she would not give me any food for days and at the age of seven (7) I would often go to bed without food.

After a while I tried to to talk to my dad about what my step mom made me go through, but sadly all he did was beat me up more.

So time came and I got fed up of this kind of life .

I thought if I could find my mom life would be a bit better.

Being a kid and with childish thinking I thought the city was just as small as my village was.

And I thought I would easily find my mom.

So I had to find any possible means of getting to Kampala.

I chose to go and work on other people’s farms for money so that I could pay for a taxi van to the city. At my young age (8) I had to do heavy work just to get enough money to help me get to Kampala (the capital city) .

Time came and I saved the money needed for the trip and early in the morning I jumped into a taxi to Kampala .

To my surprise when I reached Kampala things where not the way I expected them to be!

The city was just too big!

And whoever I asked about my mom had no idea where my mom was .

So I was really stuck in a big place with big talk buildings and no way of finding my mom or getting home.

I did not have anywhere to start from .

That is where I met another boy like me who was called opio .

I did not realize that I was about to enter a new life .

The life where I was to sleep out in the cold and had to look for what to eat all by my self .

Opio was a homeless, just like the boy I was about to become .

He found me crying and he asked what was the problem and I told him that I was looking for my mom .