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As a young girl I grew up seeing mothers spend a full day in the scorching sunshine, in the gardens trying to make ends meet through crop production.

For both food and cash of which often the yields would be poor.

At times after crop harvesting, the husband would take away all the money, leaving the woman who struggled and worked tirelessly in the garden with nothing.

No money for food or for school fees for the children. I saw this with my own neighbours and in some of my extended family.

(My parents worked the field together and struggled together, it wasn't easy but they at least worked through it together and shared the outcomes.

They worked hard to try and provide for me and my siblings. )

Because of such situations these mothers they were going through, that made me develop the desire for helping women through empowerment so that such domestic violence and conflicts end.

Thankfully God connected me to the Mbuyu foundation where one of its objectives is women empowerment through different skills training like Sewing/Tailoring, Beading, Catering, Baking and craft making.

I am the co-ordinator for the Skills for Life program.

The women ( and men) in Katanga that we work with, are being empowered with life changing skills (as mentioned above) and this will enable them to be self reliant and independent.

They will be able to sustain their families and be in position to buy basic necessities at their homes such as food, pay house rent and even school fees for children.

I believe after acquiring the skills, they will be proud to be able to help not only their families with everyday expenses but also the community at large as they will train other women after acquiring the skills and in the long run earn a living. “It is good to teach someone how to fish and not giving him a fish”

In other words, it’s good to empower someone with income generating activities than giving him money in cash.

Working with the Mbuyu Foundation has greatly transformed my life Economically, Spiritually, socially and physically.

My skills will develop throughout life and I wish to become an expert and see lives changed.

As a skills training coordinator, I pray to God that our services extends to other slum communities in Uganda, there are so many people especially women who are struggling to make ends meet, especially because the majority of the women in the slums are single mothers.

Finally I greatly appreciate our beloved Directors Dr Roberts and Leah Makanda for their good relationship they have with workers, indeed may God bless them

Finally I greatly appreciate our beloved Directors Dr Roberts and Leah Makanda for their good relationship they have with workers, indeed may God bless the

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