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Maternal Health Statistics in Uganda -


1 in every 150 women still die in childbirth

That’s approx 16 women every day

Or 1 women every 90 minutes 

(these are only the recorded statistics—actual number would be much higher as most women don’t have births recorded)


6 out of every 10 women will suffer life long

complications from pregnancy that lead to spousal abandonment, social isolation and

rejection - which means they usually end up on the street with their children.


It breaks our heart how many women are still dying in childbirth and how many suffer the life-long complications of pregnancy and childbirth - a time that should be so joyous is still a time of great fear for women in Uganda.



The big issue with pregnancy complications is the negative flow on affect they have. 

Fistula and other pregnancy-related complications cause many women to be rejected by their husband, which means they, in turn, end up on the street or in the slums with their children. 

We are currently running Women's Medial Camps, where women can come for free and be screened for various forms of cancer, and be checked for fistula and any other post birth complications. 

This has allowed us to treat many women, and prevent their situations from progressing. 

Then from these camps we send those in need of restorative surgeries to have them done. Already we are seeing the life changing impact this is happening. 

But alongside of our current women's medical camps and the individual fistula surgeries that are occurring, is the dream that we will be able to hold medical camps all over Uganda, providing fistula and other corrective surgeries to women.


These camps will run over one week.


Pre-screening will run in the months leading up to the surgical camp.


One of the most common reasons women live with their complications is something as basic as transport. Holding the camps in more remote areas will allow us to help more women.

We will also cover the cost of transport and social support for the women while having their surgery. 

The surgery will be completely free for the women 


We aim to operate on at least 100 women at every surgical camp. 

Each surgery is approximately $400 AUD

The budget for these camps & treatments is $10,000 AUD per camp.

These surgeries will allow the women to regain dignity, social acceptance, and in turn, help them to find work and to have the ability to care for their children.


We have our team of Ugandan surgeons and everything ready to go and a location organised  - we are just waiting for a financial partner for this project or to raise enough funds. 

Do you have a business that could make this their yearly project? 

Or would you like to support our surgical camps in some way. 

Or if you'd like to fund a single surgery for a mother who comes in to our care we can arrange this and send you photos and information on the mother you will be helping. 

Please contact us for more information. 

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