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We have a big dream that one day we would have a huge piece of land that would be named the Mbuyu Village. 


This would be a place where families find hope and healing. 

Where they would find life! 


The Village would be a place where families  can find a fresh start. 

And support for a few years while they learn skills and develop the means to succeed. 




When you drive on to the property you would realise this is one BIG place. 


There is a school for all those children who call the Mbuyu Village home. 

There's a church, where children help to run and lead. 

There is a hospital 

There is a skills training centre. 

There's vocational training for young people with disabilities. 

There are huge farms, where food is grown to feed all the families that live in the Mbuyu Village, but that also get sold to support the work. 

The farms would also be a place where men and women can learn the art of agriculture and farming God's way. 


There would be animals being raised to sell to support the ministry and feed the families. 


There's a halfway home for abandoned and orphaned children and babies. 

A place where they are loved and cared for in small family settings before we try to resettle them with their extended family or a foster or adoptive family.  

Once this occurs we would continue to provide educational support for these children. 


When you drive to one of the more private areas of the land you would see individual huts and houses. 

These small homes would be self-contained and each would have their own small amount of land surrounded them. 


These homes would be provided for a 2-3 year period for families and their children that have been living on the streets or in the slums, who have a desire to gain the tools needed to be able to work and provide for their own children. 

They would live in the small house and have full use of the land surrounding it to grow food and raise animals. 

They would attend skill training and agricultural training and learn skills to be able to grow their own food and animals. 


Their children would attend school for free to start with and have free medical care. 


Over the 3 year period - a small micro loan would be given - the mother would be given training in budgeting and business and would receive help and support to be able to buy animals and start their own small business from the skills learnt in the village 


To begin with rent, and food support and education would be completely free. 

Over time as their skills increase and business increases, they would then start to pay small amounts for these items. 


At the end of the 3 years (2 if possible) we would help the family to purchase a small plot of land and to build a small home for their family. 

The children would continue to be able to attend the school and receive medical care if they stay in the area. 


If however they decide to return to their own village, we would help with this and support the children through schooling. 


We would hope that the Mbuyu Village would be a place where broken people can find hope and healing. 


There are so many other details to The Mbuyu Village that we believe would make it a success but for now we hope we have given you a bit of a picture on what we are working towards. 


We currently have no timeline for The Mbuyu Village - if we had the money we would start tomorrow - but we will continue to work towards it for now.

For more information or to see how you can help us reach our target contact us below 



Find out about how this ministry was brought to life with the founders.



We have an incredible team who tirelessly work with us. 

Get to know them here. 

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