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Maternal mortality from obstructed labour in Uganda is one of the leading causes of maternal and infant mortality.  


These women need emergency c-section - but sadly Ugandan hospitals are not always well equipped, with even the basic items needed for an emergency c-section. 


This often leads then to delays in performing the procedure, while the necessary items are sourced. 


That time of waiting usually leads to the death of the unborn baby, and severe complications or death for the mother.


We saw this need first hand, with Dr Rob's work at local hospitals and have now crafted emergency c-section kits. These are equipped with all the items needed for an emergency



For $50 you can help us save the lives of women and infants by purchasing one of these kits. We then pass them on to local hospitals.

You can purchase it on behalf of someone else and we can email you a card to print and write in and give to someone. 

Send us an email today to find out more information or to purchase a kit. 

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