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When we conducted a needs assessment and survey of Katanga in 2017 - one of the greatest needs and desires from parents - was the desire to be able to read and write and to be able to speak English. 

Due to the fact that the slums are full of people from all over Uganda - many languages are spoken. Many find that they lose business because they can't speak a common language- or they can't read or write. 

Hence the need to start our Adult Literacy classes. 

Four afternoon's a week ( & one evening) mothers and fathers (or guardians) attached to the children from our Read for Life program attend our classes. 

Other community members are also welcome. 

There are three classes, beginners, intermediate and advanced. In these classes they are learning to converse in English but also to read and write. 

Their desire to learn and to be able to have skills that will help them help their children, and to be able to earn a better income to care for their families - is contagious! 

They are LOVING the classes and continually are showing their thanks and gratitude - with many saying they'd always wanted to learn but hadn't been able to afford adult tuition. 

Many started out not even knowing how to hold a pencil, and now are writing and learning quickly! 

Your support of the Mbuyu Foundation helps us to run these life changing projects. 

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